School Holiday Minimum Booking Rules

In order that all member families are treated equally and fairly during school holidays the following guidelines will be strictly followed this season.

The booking rules and rates will be strictly applied (refer minimum booking guide).

School Holiday Bookings commence on the 15th February and conclude on the 15th March. You can make a booking any time during this month. Allocation of space is NOT based on “first come first served” (see below for booking preferences).

  1. A School holiday booking can only be made by an “active member”. That is a member who has paid their active membership subscriptions.
  1. A School holiday booking can only be made on line using the “School Holiday Booking” form on the club web site. This provides a backup copy in case of any inconsistencies:
  1. School Holiday bookings MUST have a minimum of two preferences to be a valid booking. All school holiday bookings with only one preference will not be accepted. Please note this is an automated process by the web site soft ware.
  1. Only full week bookings (7 days Sunday to Sunday) will be taken for School Holiday Bookings. If a booking is made and is cut short (for any reason whatsoever) there will not be any refunds, unless the space can be filled, and then normal cancellation policies will apply.
  1. Once a booking is made it is the responsibility of the member to make a copy of the booking and if they haven’t heard from the club one week after bookings close, it is their responsibility to follow up with the secretary.
  1. Because of the demand for space during school holidays, and in order that full family memberships get priority (that is two memberships in the one family), we are unable to give non-member spouses/partners any priority unless space is available.
  1. No member should book for another member during the school holiday period as in some cases over the years discrepancies and disagreement have arisen due to lack of documentation. Unfortunately this means we cannot guarantee a booking unless made by the actual member.
  1. Only one week can be booked by a member “family” during the school holiday weeks (unless demand permits). If separate bookings are made by a member and member partner it will be treated as “one” booking.
  1. In order to try and accommodate as many members as practicable there is a possibility that some rooms may billet three family members during school holidays. This will be advised to the member. The Room rate plus a supplementary charge of $100.00 per night for the extra person will be levied.
  1. Because of insurance issues we cannot accept a booking for unaccompanied children (under 18 years of age). All children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  1. Because we wish to treat all members equally, “school races” or “wanting to go the same week as another member’s family” is not necessarily considered in allocation of school holiday bookings unless space is available.


Accommodation is allocated on your preference history.

  1. If you received your first date preference the last time you booked school holidays you may be allocated either your second or third preference depending on the demand.
  2. If the demand is too high for second preferences then the longer standing member will get priority.
  3. If this is your first time booking or you received your second or third date preference the last time you booked school holidays we will endeavour to allocate your first preference.
  4. if one week is overbooked and there are too many families who are to be assigned their first preference the members that have had more first preferences over the last 5 seasons will be allocated their second preference.
  5. If there are still issues after allocating all preferences detailed above longer standing members will get priority.

After midnight on the 15th March no further school holiday bookings will be taken until after allocation of the current bookings has finalised and unless there is space available.

Booking allocation will be completed within seven (7) days of bookings closing. Once allocation has been made a “Confirmation Notice” will be emailed. Acceptance of the allocation will be assumed once the security deposit has been paid – within two weeks.

If the security deposit is not received within two weeks of the school holiday Confirmation Notice, it is assumed that you do not wish these dates and the dates will be released (after one month of the date of the original “Confirmation Notice”). We will always endeavour to contact you prior to releasing these dates.

Please make sure you are familiar with the “Booking Priorities” and “Cancellation” Terms. Details can be found on the web site. One night a week is the kitchen's night off dinner (possibly Thursday night – Tracy will advise), a self-service dinner will be available if requested or Tracy will be happy to recommend local restaurants if you would like a night out. 

COMMUNICATION: All guidelines, reminders, accommodation details/dates and confirmations are sent to members via email. Due to changing email addresses and mail box settings in members computers we cannot guarantee service of this information, consequently it is the members responsibility to keep their email addresses up to date and follow up all booking dates.

Please make sure you are familiar with HOW TO MAKE A BOOKING