Minimum Booking Rules

GENERAL INFORMATION (see booking dates)

  1. A booking can only be made by an “active member” (or a member of the Australian Golf Club). That is members who have paid their active membership subscriptions.
  1. Children 0 to 5 will always be in the room with parents unless there is availability. If there is availability children 0 to 5 can have their own room. Full room rate will be charged.
  1. Cancellation policies will be strictly enforced.
  1. Change over days are FRIDAY and SUNDAY
  1. Pick-ups and drop offs will only occur on CHANGE OVER DAYS. (*1)
  1. The lodge lease (with NPWS) requires that there should only be two people per room with the exception of children under 5 being in a room with an adult.
  1. Only in extra ordinary circumstances where it cannot be avoided, there is a possibility that a room may billet three adult family members. The room rate plus a supplementary charge of $100.00 per night for the extra person will be levied.


BOOKINGS (please read footnotes in conjunction with this section)


  1. All bookings will be:
  1. 2 day booking - (in) Friday (out) Sunday (*3)
  2. 5 day booking – (in) Sunday to (out) Friday
  3. 7 day booking – (in) Sunday to (out) Sunday OR (in) Friday (out) Friday
  1. No one (1) night bookings will be taken. (*2)
  1. Other day bookings will be strictly limited based on the booking configuration of the lodge during that week. (*4)



  1. Because of insurance issues we cannot accept a booking for unaccompanied children (under 18 years of age). All children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • No member should book for another member. In some cases over the years discrepancies and disagreement have arisen due to lack of documentation. We cannot guarantee a booking unless made by the actual member.
  1. Once a booking is made it is the responsibility of the member to make a copy of the booking and if they haven’t heard from the club, they should follow up with the secretary.
  • Once allocation has been made a “Confirmation Notice” will be emailed. Acceptance of the allocation will be assumed once the security deposit has been paid – on or before the date shown on the Confirmation.


*1. Pick ups and drop offs for other than a changeover day can only be done if the lodge manager is free. No guarantee can be provided.

*2. A one night booking can only be accepted to fill space at the lodge due to last minute cancellation.

*3. A two night booking (other than Friday to Sunday) can only be accepted to fill space at the lodge due to last minute cancellation.

*4. Bookings other than 2, 5 or 7 days will not be taken however may be available on last minute notice due to cancellation.